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  •  1. The outline of NFC Tag
          communication system
  •  2. Antenna design flow
  •  3. Comparison of actual communication
         distance and calculated one
  •  4. Creating PCB design data

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 1. The outline of NFC Tag communication system
R/W: Reader/Writer (like Smart phone)

 2. Antenna design flow

    The Tag antenna can be designed by 2.1 to 2.4.

     2.1 Selection of LSI

       Please choose the product from "LSI sel."

     2.2 The determination of antenna spec. and checking distance

    The antenna size( size, number of coils, width, spacing and thickness) are inputted and confirmed communication distance(NOTE: 1)
    The magnetic field distribution between antennas can also be checked.

    (1) Inputting antenna specification and confirming communication distance

    The parameters for antenna is shown as follows:

    Lx ,Ly: External dimensions of antenna which are determined from antenna space of the production
    w:: The pattern width of antenna, typically 0.3-0.5mm
    g:: The pattern spacing of antenna, typically 0.3-0.5mm
    t:: The pattern thickness of antenna 60um (beaten-copper 35um + coat 25um)
    N:: The number of antenna coils

    (2) Confirming magnetic field distribution

    Distribution of magnetic field on antenna are shown as color
    (In detail, refer to "2-1. "Custom" (Antenna design in any size)")

     2.3 Making circuit board for antenna (recommended circuit)

       Making circuit board for antenna which is determined in 2.1

    Making circuit board for antenna

    A circuit board is made by recommended circuit diagram


    Note 1 : The strength voltage of resonance capacity should be more than 50V

     2.4 Making circuit board for antenna (example of circuit board)


    Example of circuit board for antenna        ( unit : mm )


    Glass epoxy board (FR-4) ,
    Both sides pattern,Board thickness: 1.0mm, Pattern thickness: 60mm(Copper wiring)

    Note 2 : The recommendation is the pattern has more than two condensers for adjusting capacity values

     2.5 Checking function of NFC Tag

       NFC Tag LSI is mounted in an antenna board and communication distance is measured for checking operation normally

    Method for measurement of the communications distance

    Making measurement of the communications distance with referring to following figure
    Checked result is satisfied your specification


    Example of measurement
    (1) NFC Tag is brought close to the smart phone
    (2) Checking distance of communication start

 3. Comparison of distance measurement and calculation tools

 4. Creating PCB design data
 4.1 Usage of creating PCB design data

 4.2 About creating PCB design data

 4.3 Description of output data (1)

 4.4 Description of output data (2)

 4.5 Order to PCB manufacturer (Case of sample data)

 4.6 Note

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