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On September 1, 2020, Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd., became a member of Nuvoton Technology Corporation.

We value not only the technology and products that Panasonic has cultivated for over 60 years, but also the high enthusiasm and honest heart of the group that produces them. We will deliver the product and service which is further characterized by the synergy with the new Nuvoton.

We value our existing relationships with our customers and partners, and aim to be a global solutions company that solves various problems in society, industry and people's lives by providing added value that exceeds expectations.

Nuvoton Technology Corp. Japan President Kazuhiro Koyama

Nuvoton Technology Corp. Japan
PresidentKazuhiro Koyama

Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy
  • With new insight, stay close to people's living and address various social and industrial issues through our products and services beyond customers' expectations.
Ideal State
  • Continue our efforts to enrich people's lives and foster social and industrial prosperity around the world with our products.
Business Attitude
  • Respect the culture and custom of each nation/region and be good corporate citizens trusted by the world.
  • Comply with domestic and international laws and their spirits.
  • Emphasize long-term trust relationship with our customers and business partners.
Code of Conduct
  • Maximize creativities and teamwork of individuals who have a sense of responsibility with capability of foreseeing changes in society, and foster such corporate culture.
  • Keep the spirit(DNA) of thoroughly executing the fundamentals of the work – cause, essence and practice.

"Seven principles of our DNA"
based on cause, essence and practice

  1. Action and courage – "We would not be here today without that experience."
  2. Responsibility and agility
  3. Integrity
  4. Never give-up
  5. Work for the team
  6. Strive to grow further
  7. Technologies and creativities
    Align leading-edge R&D, technologies and skills into "Joy of Innovation."